After being published by Alice James Books, Willa worked for six months as a Poet/Potter-In-Residence in DOD schools in the Philippines, Korea, Japan and Okinawa. She offered workshops and readings for students and teachers, and curated exhibits of student art and writing in over 40 schools.

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“[Schneberg] will speak for us, hear us, know our secret trouble, our intimate imagery and behavior. She has the life-strength, curiosity, perception, language. To read her is to learn that we survive by caring for strangers. Willa Schneberg is a poet with healing power. I read her with gratitude.”

Milton Kessler

“She writes with lyrical beauty” 

Jewish Review

“Willa Schneberg’s poems are unflinching. They will not be stared down by the appearance of things, will not rest until they have borrowed through.”

Eastside Freedom Library, St. Paul, MN, April. 2016

After the morning shock treatment
he was tossed on the black chair
crumpled and flat
a shirt without a chest.
His wife piled the bones neatly
on the upholstered arm.
His daughter played with the bones,
arranged them into a skeleton
and was angry when he wouldn’t wear it.
Now that she is older
she understands.
Often her body cannot support her bones.
They slip out looking for a grave.

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