The challenge in the “Bookish” series for Willa is to make clay have a paper essence. She loves the physical book - the feel of books and how pages arrange themselves.  A minor flood inspired her to capture how waterlogged pages reform themselves, attach to each other and curl.

Flood Book - Collection of Eleanor & Richard Berry

Half Flood Book  Collection of Eleanor & Richard Berry

Open Flood Book was purchased  at the 2024 CAP auction by Cheryl Kimble

Willa is featured in the Women United ART MAGAZINE.

Click to purchase a physical copy here.


Bluish Open Book - Collection of Ben Liu, (350PDX Art Sale)

Flood Book #2 - Collection of Laura Stahman & Tola Molotkov

Open Book Bejweled was just accepted in Art Fluent’s 2022 online exhibition entitled Wabi-Sabi, a world view of transience and imperfection.

Art Fluent’s Wabi-Sabi

Some of these works are on display at Like Nobody's Business, a space for artisan craft items in Portland, Oregon. Check them out by clicking this link here