Willa will emcee. The readers will be Ken Gordon, Tracy Prince, Donna Prinzmetal, Joshua Safran and Hillary Tiefer.
Oregon Jewish Voices

Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education
724 NW Davis Street, Portland
October 30, 2018
$8 members and $10 general public

Translation Talk, Kathmandu, Nepal


In this interactive presentation we will discuss the craft of translating poetry, an art of revelation that re-envisions the original. We will debate how a translation preserves and heightens essence.

The poet Jane Hirshfield, Poets, has written that, “To translate a poem you love from another language is a way to keep your relationship to word-shaping awake.”

Oregon Poetry Association Conference 2018
Valley River Inn, Eugene
11:30 -12:30, Sunday, Sept. 30th
Session # 7B

The American poet Muriel Rukeyser described poems as meeting places: “A poem does invite, it does require. What does it invite? A poem invites you to feel. More than that: it invites you to respond. And better than that: a poem invites a total response.” (Rukeyser, The Life of Poetry, p. 11)

In the spirit of Rukeyser’s words, Willa will read with Carter McKenzie, whose newly released poetry collection is Stem of Us (Flowstone Press, May 2018)
Mother Foucault’s Book Shop

Mother Foucault’s Book Shop
523 E. Morrison Street, Portland
Saturday, July 21, 2018  
6:30 p.m.

Hilary Zaid in Conversation with Willa Schneberg

Annie Bloom's welcomes Oakland author Hilary Zaid, whose debut novel is Paper Is White. Zaid will be in conversation with Portland poet Willa.
Annie Bloom’s Books

Paper Is White:
When Holocaust oral historian Ellen Margolis and her girlfriend decide to get married, Ellen's search for a blessing leads her into a complicated relationship with a wily survivor of the Kaunas Ghetto, a woman in search of a blessing of her own. Set in ebullient, 1990s Dot-com era San Francisco, Paper is White is a novel about the gravitational pull of the past and the words we must find to make ourselves whole.

Annie Bloom’s
7834 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland
May 1, 2018
 to 8:00pm


Willa will reveal how her ceramic sculpture and poetry spark and enliven each other, and how poems stimulate the creation of ceramic work and vice-versa. The impulse to create transcends genre. The ink on the blank page and the whir of the wheel make the inchoate find form. Her poetry is usually serious play, while her pottery is often whimsical and joyous, but both span the emotional spectrum. They each call to her in an inspired moment, and she knows which one to heed.   

Oregon Poetry Association Conference 2017
Saturday, October 14, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
(block 4) University Place Hotel
310 SW Lincoln Street, Portland

Reading from The Moon Is Almost Full

Poet Chana Bloch’s The Moon Is Almost Full, (Autumn House), focuses frankly and tenderly on the themes of aging and death. Willa will join poets Andrea Hollander, and Paulann Petersen to read selections from Bloch’s The Moon Is Almost Full.

Powell’s on Hawthorne
3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland
Sunday, October 22, 4:00 PM

Judaic Studies Graduation A Celebration of Jewish Art

Please join us for an arts-rich end of year celebration recognizing our graduates and award recipients! The afternoon will begin with a gallery tour of "Ritual Unmoored: Six Jewish Ceramists" presented by Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education at Portland State University’s College of the Arts Broadway Gallery and reception for students, families, board members, faculty, and community members. The Graduation Ceremony will begin at 5pm featuring a poetry reading by Richard Chess, a performance by Alicia Jo Rabins, and an introduction of our Fall 2017 Artist-in-Residence, David Spear.