Poet in Residence

Willa was invited by the Liza Nepalbhasa Poetry Forum, a branch of the Nepalbhasa Literary Council of Kathmandu to be a poet-in-residence for 10 days in Feb. 2018. She received a Professional Development Grant from the  Regional Arts & Culture Council, (RACC) to cover travel expenses.


Annual reading of Oregon Jewish Voices

Willa has organized the annual reading of Oregon Jewish Voices since its inception in 1999. This year she read with: Shaindel Beers, Tracy Manaster, Claudia F. Savage and Jamie Yourdon. 

Oregon Jewish Museum & Center for Holocaust Education
724 NW Davis St, Portland
Monday, October 30,
Ticket Info: $8 members, $10 general public. advanced ticket purchase highly recommended.
Oregon Jewish Museum & Center for Holocaust Education


For David Maisel, who photographed canisters holding the ashes of mental patients at a state hospital in Oregon.

The lyrics of Molly Mayo's song "Archipelago" were inspired by
"Tiny Monuments."

When human beings were still locked away
for sadness clinging to them like a marine layer,
hearing voices telling them how awful they are,
going fetal when cars backfire or corks pop,
they were housed at the Oregon State Insane Asylum,
and when they ceased to be, they were cremated.

If no one claimed a brother, a daughter, or a father,
the ashes were left in numbered copper canisters,
on pine shelves in an underground vault.
Not infrequently the water table rose
giving the forgotten homes uniquely their own,
coated with efflorescence and mineral dazzle,
where an alchemy of copper and water bloomed
and burst into color.

These tiny monuments to the scorned and unknown,
wear patinas of pink, burnt sienna, ocher
, aqua,
and if you look closely you will find
moon craters, archipelagos, frozen waterfalls,
dunes with lone tracks, and Big Dippers
embedded in their pores. 



Willa will juxtapose projecting slides of her ceramics and reading her poems with similar themes. Her desire is to reveal the synergy between the visual dimension in the mind’s eye, and the poem in the physicality and curve of the clay.

Oregon Poetry Association Conference 2017
Saturday, October 14, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
(block 4) University Place Hotel
310 SW Lincoln Street, Portland

Reading from The Moon Is Almost Full

Poet Chana Bloch’s The Moon Is Almost Full, (Autumn House), focuses frankly and tenderly on the themes of aging and death. Willa will join poets Andrea Hollander, and Paulann Petersen to read selections from Bloch’s The Moon Is Almost Full.

Powell’s on Hawthorne
3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland
Sunday, October 22, 4:00 PM